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Mental Health Resources for People Living and Working in Cross-Cultural Settings

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Currently the following ten e-books are available here for reading online, or (recommended) for downloading to your computer. They can be downloaded in several different formats:

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  • doc (Microsoft Word)
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What Cross-Cultural Workers Ought to Know (E-Book)

Many of the "What Cross-Cultural Workers Ought to Know" and "Stewardship of Self" series are available in a collection as an e-book. This is a great way to have the entire series on your computer to refer to as you have the need and opportunity.

In July 2013, a new and expanded edition of this book was released. Four new chapters have been added, for a total of 60.

Downloads:    pdf    doc    zip    mobi    mobi    Follow this link to read the individual articles

Cross-Cultural Workers Singles Issues (E-Book)

The proportion of people living as singles is increasing in Western cultures. In fact, there are more unmarried adults than married ones in some Western countries already, and the trend is toward that in other countries as well. Ron has written a series of brochures, "Cross-Cultural Singles Issues," to help individuals deal with some of the situations that arise when singles serve in other cultures.

Downloads:    pdf    doc    zip    mobi    epub           Follow this link to read the individual articles.

"Coming "Home": The Reentry Transition (E-Book)

As a part of facilitating their reentry retreats, Ron and Bonnie wrote a brief guide to the process of reentry. You can use this book as a part of debriefing in a group, as an aid when being debriefed by another person, or alone as a part of a self-debriefing

The book can be downloaded in one of three formats:

Downloads:    pdf    doc    zip    mobi    epub     

We're Going Home / I Don't Want to Go Home: Reentry for Elementary Children with a Parent's Guide

Ron and Bonnie (an elementary teacher) wrote We're Going Home (108 pages) for children ages 6-12 who are returning to their passport countries. Written at a third grade level, We're Going Home includes the story of a family returning to its passport culture. Each chapter also has activities such as scrambled words, crossword puzzles, word searches, mazes, and codes. Ron also wrote I Don't Want to Go Home (54 pages) as a companion volume for parents. Each chapter in the parent's book has information about TCKs in the Bible, children's TCK issues today, and suggestions to help children reenter well. Both books are included in each of the files to be downloaded below.

Downloads:    pdf    doc    zip   We're Going Home:  mobi   epub    I Don't Want to Go Home:  mobi     epub

Understanding Adolescence (E-Book)

Since the "Adolescence" article is the one opened most frequently, Ron has updated his book, Understanding Adolescence, published by Victor Books in 1987. Written for parents of adolescents and children in their later elementary years, it is also helpful to teachers, youth workers and anyone else working with teenagers.

Downloads:    pdf    doc    zip    mobi    epub

Third Culture Kids and Adolescence: Cultural Creations (E-Book)

Ron wrote a book for TCKs, one to accompany Understanding Adolescence (written for parents). Third Culture Kids are obviously created by living in two cultures, and the whole phenomenon of adolescence was invented by Western culture. This book examines the role of culture in creating adolescent TCKs, and includes a practical section at the end of each chapter, a section titled "What Can Adolescent TCKs Do?"

Downloads:    pdf    doc    zip    mobi    epub

Reentry After Short Term Cross-Cultural Service (E-Book)

Written for people returning to their passport country after a few weeks or months of cross-cultural service, this book helps them not only reenter but also consider how they have changed and what that implies for their future. Using Jonah and Paul as examples, it also helps them process the good and bad events that occurred.

Downloads:    pdf    doc    zip    mobi    epub