Cross Cultural Workers

Mental Health Resources for People Living and Working in Cross-Cultural Settings

Cross-Cultural Workers and Marriage Issues

Cross-cultural living has its unique challenges.

Cross-cultural ministry adds quite a few more.

And, when you put into that mix marriage issues, things can get really interesting!

To help make sense of that, Ron has written a series of brochures that explore "Cross Cultural Marriage Issues." You may also be interested in downloading the entire series as an e-book.

What About Dorothy?

Most people in cross-cultural ministry have heard of William Carey. What what about his wife, Dorothy? Most people know very little about her. In this brochure, Ron tells a bit about Dorothy's life and the impact that she had on William and his work..

I Won't Go!

How do you handle the situation where one spouse feels called to go, but the other is simply unwilling to go. How do you deal with children who won't go.

I'm Not Called, but I'm Willing

In this brochure, Ron explores the interesting issues in marriage when one spouse is called, while the other does not share that call but it willing to be supportive.

Relationship Time

In a cross cultural setting, getting enough time together to nurture a relationship can be difficult. But, as Ron points out in this brochure, it is essential, and with some creativity, it can be done.

Computer Sex, or Me?

Cyberporn is accessible and anonymous, and is an issue even in the marriages of cross-cultural workers. Ron explores this, and points the way to freedom.

Wounds, Scabs, and Scars

Every deep relationship bring with it the potential for deep hurt. This brochure explores this issue, and helps provide a framework for understanding.

How Will We Discipline Them?

The discipline of children (and the varying opinions on the best way to do it) is a hot topic everywhere, and the complication of cross-cultural living adds to the complexity. Here are some ideas to jumpstart your thinking.

Digital Distractions

There are so many electronic things to distract us! The internet, blackberrys, Facebook, chat, satellite radio and tv. Here are some tips to keep them from distracting you from the more important things.

This is No Honeymoon!

Serving cross-culturally is difficult on any marriage at any time. However, it is especially difficult during the first term of service and during the early years of marriage. Here are some tips to help.

Ministry or Marriage?

Sometimes it seems that you be married, or be in ministry. But not both! This brochure give some handles to find a manageable balance that will allow you thrive in both.

You Spent the Money on What?!

Money management in marriage is a big challenge to many. Here are some ideas to help you have some productive and effective conversations with your spouse on these key issues.

I'm Going to Marry a National

Opposites may attract, but living with someone with different basic values can be difficult. Here are some problems to watch for and some suggestions to help solve them.

I Wish Your Parents Would Just Leave Us Alone

Parents often have a difficult time when their children "leave" them, especially if their grandchildren go too. Here are some tips to help.

I'm Just a Trailing Spouse

A trailing spouse is one that follows their spouse as the partner takes a job in another place. It's a unique challenge, but one that can have great rewards.

FUNdraising Isn't Much Fun

Most couples do not have to raise their salaries as do many cross-cultural workers. This fund raising may become a serious issue between spouses, so here are some suggestions to help resolve problems that may occur.

What About Charlotte?

After Dorothy Carey died, William remarried. His second wife Charlotte was quite different than Dorothy. Here Ron explores the implications of this.